Top Business Naming Techniques

Business Naming Techniques

Are you starting a business and have no idea what to name it? Or how to come up with ideas for naming a business?

While figuring out your business name, one of the most common technique is what emotions or ideas you want to associate in your brand. Financial companies, for example, want their name to evoke emotions of safety and security. A high-end clothing brand would like to sound classy and sophisticated. An IT services-based company want to stand out among the rest as being more knowledgeable than their competition.

Rhymes – being another technique – instantly help you create a memorable company name, such as TrueBlue Surfaces is a perfect rhyming name for cleaning company where blue indicates emotions of cleanliness. Moreover, alliteration – simply a repetition of certain sounds – is other psychological technique that helps your brand stand out in a customer’s mind. Spotless Surfaces and SharplineSolutions are some examples of brand names that use the same letter in first and second word. Finally using idioms, quotes or expressions in your name may help you create catchy and creative business name. Where you can think of popular quotes or expressions that you can alter to match brand name. This way, you’ll be applauded for being so creative too. While naming your business, think of ways that help out your customers and what your services or products mean to them.

The naming process also involves researching. As a bit of internet research prior picking business name prevents you from infringement on other trademarked businesses. Also check for companies that use similar names. You don’t want to choose a business name that people confuse with another brand.

In case of online businesses, a trend is seen to make up names by using words out of dictionary. Such as Google, Zillow, Napster and Skype are famous examples. The good thing about this technique is it offers room to be creative. Plus, availability of domain names is more likely to occur. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that you may have to effort more to brand the business so that audience understand what products or services you offer.

If you are experiencing trouble coming up with a business name on your own, you may think hiring a professional branding and marketing agency. Charges for this service can differ, but through this way you can expect to get suggestions on both good and bad name choices.

Hope these business naming ideas help you in search for that perfect business name.


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